Proven Results

Apprentice Laborer Falls From Roof

While moving between anchor points, our client lost his footing and fell off the roof, suffering both orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury.

Settlement Amount: $1,950,000


Our client was a 21-year-old apprentice working for a roofing company. He detached his safety harness from an anchorage point so he could move further down the roof to attach to the next anchorage point. While doing so, he lost his footing and fell off the roof, landing on the ground 30-35 feet below. He suffered orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury. 

Through aggressive discovery, our team also learned that this general contractor had been investigated by OSHA for multiple similar incidents at projects around the country. 

The case was settled at mediation in one session.

United in the fight for justice after personal injury and wrongful death, with nearly a billion dollars recovered for our clients.

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