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The people of Massachusetts know the dangers of our roadways. Many of the most dangerous intersections are located within the Greater Boston area, and involve complex multiple lane roadways, congested intersections, rotaries, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, and frequent construction sites. Within the Commonwealth, car accidents remain one of the most common causes of death and serious injury. 

With decades of individual experience and inherent local knowledge, the team at Sheff & Cook has collectively resolved thousands of car accident cases. We bring an unparalleled commitment to the representation of individuals and fight for common sense traffic laws and fair treatment of victims under the law. 

We excel at wrongful death cases and believe that every driver in the Commonwealth has the right to safe travel and fair compensation when accidents result in disability or death. When a wrongful death claim is filed by a representative of the victim’s estate, on behalf of survivors of the victim, we can seek damages in twelve separate categories of loss. We pursue every one of these avenues to hold those responsible for safety violations accountable, never wavering in our commitment to safety.

Over a span of several decades, Sheff & Cook has provided extraordinary legal representation as highly experienced Boston-based car accident lawyers. Our results speak for themselves. We utilize a unique team approach to our cases as well as effective techniques to demonstrate evidence, focusing on cases whose victims have suffered catastrophic injuries in car accidents throughout New England and the nation.

By staffing our cases with a team of attorneys, we provide consistent, caring attention in their representation of injured persons and those families affected by car accidents. Our lawyers assist clients throughout the process of recovery and know how to find solutions and care. We develop deep and lasting relationships with our clients, helping them plan for a new future.

Additional Information

Common Car Accident Injuries

Even the simplest car accidents can be a disabling and costly event, resulting in high medical bills, significant property losses, and loss of wages. Injuries can be both complex and severe, including:

Many of these injuries can be permanently disabling, with long-term vocational, social, and family consequences. Losses of quality and enjoyment of life often ensue. That’s why we’re so committed to helping victims of car accidents to recover compensation damages for all losses.

Rideshare Car Accidents

According to a data report published by in 2019, rideshare companies provided 91.1 million rides to Massachusetts customers. Rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, have become increasingly popular throughout the Commonwealth for their promptness and convenience. However, this new and evolving type of transportation can create complicated issues when car accidents occur.

Rideshare car accidents involve a stranger transporting you in their personal vehicle. This arrangement adds a layer of complication. These complexities make it more important to seek an experienced car accident attorney. While auto accident attorneys in Massachusetts may be willing to take on a rideshare car accident case, they may not have the experience or team approach that creates superior settlements and resolutions. When Sheff & Cook is involved, however, the victims of rideshare accidents are well-represented both in litigation and to the insurance companies.

Car Accidents Regulations

There are a number of regulations that provide specific guidance as to the determination of fault in a car accident:

Unfortunately, applying these laws and regulations can be very complex as every rule does not apply to every circumstance surrounding an accident. In consulting with an experienced auto accident attorney, you can be assured that your rights are fully exercised and protected, providing you with the best avenues of recovery while you recover from your injuries.

United in the fight for justice after personal injury and wrongful death, with nearly a billion dollars recovered for our clients.

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