Bad Faith Insurance Claims


The law requires that insurance companies treat you fairly, but sometimes they don’t play by the rules.

The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, General Laws Chapter 93A is a powerful legal tool for holding bad faith actors accountable for their unfair practices. It allows us to sue for damages and make the insurance company pay our fees and all the costs of the litigation. If the judge finds that the unfair practice was a “willful or knowing” or a “bad faith” violation, a client can be awarded up to triple their actual damages as a penalty.

In addition, General Laws Chapter 176D sets out a long list of rights and protections you have against such bad faith insurance practices. These laws also have specific detailed procedural requirements that must be followed, or you may lose a valid claim. A demand letter, which must meet certain legal standards to be sufficient, must be sent to the insurance company prior to the time a lawsuit is filed.  The insurance company’s lawyers almost always challenge the sufficiency of the demand letter.  Other strict time limits must be observed, which is why you need a legal team who knows the system inside and out. 

The attorneys at Sheff & Cook have extensive experience using these pieces of legislation to assist consumers. Successful cases have included:

  • An injured iron worker collecting a $3 million personal injury judgment and an extra $4 million punitive award from an insurance company that failed to treat his claim properly
  • A $5 million settlement for another client 
  • Leveraging the possibility of bringing a bad faith claim to obtain a $9.9 million settlement in a personal injury case

We are experts in using the strength of these laws to balance the scales, giving our clients equal power to use against those that have abused their economic might. We work not only to recover your losses, but to make sure that our fee for recovering them is paid by the defendant, and to obtain additional damages for you as punishment for the wrongdoer as well.

If you or a loved one has had an insurance claim denied in bad faith, contact our team to discuss your options.

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The versatile attorneys at Sheff & Cook have the experience you need, the knowledge you trust, and the reputation you deserve to help you with your bad faith insurance claim. Our team of highly skilled attorneys has local, regional, and national reach and an impeccable reputation for client care. We have the ability to dedicate multiple attorneys, staff, and financial resources to individual cases. This unique team approach and positive financial commitment yields optimal results for our clients.

United in the fight for justice after personal injury and wrongful death, with nearly a billion dollars recovered for our clients.

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