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A serious injury can be devastating to you and to your family. You have to deal with the physical and emotional pain as well as the crushing inability to do many of the things you have done all your life. You have to ask your friends and family to take over your responsibilities and potentially care for your needs as well.

Often, a catastrophic injury also means you can’t go to work – for a short time, a long time, or maybe ever again. You have medical bills on top of the costs of any extra help you and your family need. These substantial new expenses can add up to a financial disaster if you’ve lost the income that barely covered your needs before the injury.

On top of all of this, you have police, investigators, and insurance companies asking questions and, in some cases, pressuring you to sign away your rights. The legal landscape can be unclear and intimidating to someone who has never faced it before, and the people who are investigating your injury do not have your best interests at heart.

We know you never wanted to be in this position. Pursuing legal action can be daunting, especially if it means going up against a large corporate defense firm.

That’s why you need us in your corner.

At Sheff & Cook, our clients are our first priority. Unlike most firms, we limit the number of cases that we take in order to:

  • Ensure each client is treated with the utmost respect and provided with impeccable communication
  • Give each case the attention it deserves, using a unique and powerful team-based approach to get the best result possible.
  • Maximize your financial recovery and ensure justice is served

We’ve taken on some of the biggest defense firms in the nation in high-stakes, high-profile cases and emerged victorious, leveraging decades of experience and highly effective courtroom techniques to recover millions for those who were wrongfully injured. 

United in the fight for justice after personal injury and wrongful death, with nearly a billion dollars recovered for our clients.

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