Boston attorney Doug Sheff was not content to sit by as coronavirus cases spiked in Massachusetts. For the last several weeks, Sheff has been coordinating donations of masks to essential frontline workers in the Commonwealth, including hospital workers, doctors, supermarket workers, and construction workers.

“Every Massachusetts worker has the right to a safe work environment,” said Sheff, who founded the Massachusetts Worker Safety Task Force during his tenure as President of the Massachusetts Bar Association. “Right now, masks are one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment that our frontline workers can have. I’m doing what I can to help with that, and I wish I could do more.”

Sheff continues to expend resources in an effort to acquire masks from oversees.  “We keep trying, because there is still a huge need for personal protective equipment.”

“Everyone understands that doctors and nurses need masks,” Sheff added, “but we need to pay attention to everyone who has to be outside their homes. Construction workers, supermarket workers, delivery people, cooks and chefs and anyone else who is serving the public should expect to have a supply of masks. Employers and government should be making this happen, so that nobody falls through the cracks.”