On Thursday, November 12th, a large gas explosion destroyed a home on Woodbury Lane in Nantucket. The explosion was heard and felt by residents miles away. One person from the home and a neighbor were transported to the hospital. Two neighboring houses were also seriously damaged. The home that was destroyed was valued at $2 million, with an estimated amount of $1 million in damages sustained by two neighboring homes. The explosion took place around noon but it took hours before the fire could finally be contained by local firefighters shortly after 2pm.

Gas explosions are very dangerous, often resulting in extensive property damage and tragically, serious injuries or loss of life. Doug Sheff and the entire team at Sheff Law has extensive experience in handling these types of cases. In fact, Sheff Law was one of the lead firms involved in the Merrimack Valley Gas explosions and represented the family of the sole fatality resulting from that catastrophe. If you have any questions about these types of cases, Sheff Law would be happy to assist.